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Affordable Zong Internet Packages 2023 Daily Weekly & Monthly

Today we are living in the era of informational technology. Everyone has access to easily share his/her thoughts and messages with anyone through social media platforms. Advancement in internet technology brings improvement in sharing messages across the globe.

Are you a Zong User and are looking for the best suitable Data bundles? Then, surely you have landed in the right place. Here, I have listed Latest Affordable Zong Internet Packages 2023 for as per your convenience.

With the rise in Information technology, there is more need for a good quality internet connection. Back in the first decade 21st century, there were no high-speed internet connections. Apart from internet speed, cell phones and computers were also in their early development phase.

History of Zong

Zong started its operation as Paktel by Cable & Wireless back in 1991. Zong was the first company in its competition which was granted a free license to carry out cellular services in Pakistan. It continued AMP’s services from the beginning until 2004 when Zong launched GMS services.

Milicom Corporation purchased Paktel from Cable & Wireless in 2003. In May 2007 Paktel Limited changed to China Mobile when Millicom International sold Paktel to China Mobile. China Mobile increased its shares in CMPak and in 2008, Paktel rebranded to Zong.

Zong: The Best Internet Provider in Town

Zong offers the fastest internet speed in Pakistan. With its Turbo data speed, Zong is the most popular and liked data service provider in Pakistan. There are numerous zong 4g internet packages available including Zong Daily internet packages, Zong Weekly internet packages, Zong monthly internet packages, Zong internet packages code List, and many more.

With 6 million active users, Zong has reached new heights. Considering customer needs, Zong has an unrelenting focus on improving Zong 4G which continues to advance its services to meet the customer’s needs.

Apart from the best internet services, Zong has created an excellent blend between connectivity and affordability. Zong introduces new internet packages to keep its users stay connected with family, friends, and social circles. Zong offers a wide variety of 4G internet packages for its prepaid and postpaid customers.

Zong Coverage Areas

Zong is the most widespread network with more than 10,000 4G towers. Zong 4G is at the forefront of the advancement and Data revolution in Pakistan enabling corporates, students, and people from all walks of life with the best experience of the digital lifestyle.

Zong offers 4G services in all major towns and cities of Pakistan. With the largest 4G coverage of any mobile network in Pakistan, Zong offers the fastest speed internet which is also available on motorway

Karachi ,Islamabad ,Lahore ,Quetta ,Peshawar ,Faisalabad ,Sargodha ,Sukkur ,Abbotabad ,Rawalpindi .Multan ,Sialkot ,Hyderabad ,Gujranwala ,Jacobabad

Zong Internet Packages 2023: Daily Weekly and Monthly

Zong comes up with enormous 4G data packages. There are hundreds of packages that a user can select as per his/her needs and requirements. There are Zong daily, weekly, fortnight, and monthly data packages. Those users who are not regular internet surfers can subscribe Zong daily net package. You can find a complete list of Zong internet packages along with activation codes given below.

❖  Zong Daily Internet Packages 2023

Zong daily internet packages come up with three types of plans. Those users who use the internet occasionally just for downloading some apps or data can choose from daily net packages. Here you can find the details of Zong daily net packages.

For activations of any daily 4G data bundle, dial *6464*1*1# and you can find all available daily internet bundles by Zong 4G.

❖  Zong Weekly Internet Packages 2023

Zong keeps on introducing many weekly 4g internet packages for its users to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues. Apart from many internet packages, mega weekly internet is more likely loved by Zong users. Let’s have a look at all zong internet packages weekly.

BundleValidityDetailsActivationPriceCheck Usage
Super Weekly OfferOne Week4GB, 25 Min All Net Mins,Dial*6464*1*2#Rs. 200Dial *102#
Super Weekly PlusOne Week8GB + 1GB Whatsapp Dial *20#Rs. 290Dial *102#
Super Weekly MaxOne Week25GBDial *220#Rs. 385Dial *102#
Super Weekly PremiumOne Week30GB + 180 Off-net Mins 5000 Zong Mins 5000 SMSDial *225#Rs. 385Dial *102#
Weekly YouTube OfferOne Week8GB* Data Resources Only For Youtube*570#Rs 150Dial *102#
Mega Data OfferOne Week 100 GB (Available from 1AM to 9AM)Dial *6464*1*2# Rs. 120Dial *102#

For activations of any weekly 4G data bundle, dial *6464*1*2# and you can find all available daily internet bundles by Zong 4G.

❖  Zong Fortnight-15 Days Internet Packages

Most of the users use Data consistently, So it’s quite irritating to keep activating daily or weekly internet packages again and again. Zong still manages to provide its users with Zong 15 days internet packages. Zong combo pack, a fortnight internet package fulfills customers ’ both data and voice calling needs. Let’s have a look at the Zong combo pack.

BundleValidityDetailsActivationPriceCheck Usage
Zong Combo Pack15 Days3GB Free Data with 50 Free Off-Net Minutes*6464*1*3#Rs. 200Dial *102#

For activations of Fortnight 4G data bundle, dial *6464*1*3# and you can find all available daily internet bundles by Zong 4G.

❖ Zong Internet Packages Monthly 2023

Zong internet packages monthly include many data plans that differ in time and price. Most of the users activate Zong monthly internet packages to avoid several subscriptions of daily or weekly internet packages. Let’s have a look at all Zong 4G monthly internet packages.

BundleValidityDetailsActivationPriceCheck Usage
Monthly social Mini 30 Days6GB InternetDial Dial *250#RS.130 Plus TaxDial *102#
Monthly Basic 50030 Days500MB Interne*6464*1*4#RS.150Dial *102#
Super Monthly Max30 Days40GB Internet*6464*1*4#RS.899Dial *102#
Monthly 20GB30 Days 20GB Internet (10 GB 1 AM to 9 AM)*6464*1*4#RS. 575Dial *102#
Monthly Premium 5GB30 Days5GB Internet*6464*1*4#RS. 300Dial *102#

For activations of any weekly 4G data bundle, dial *6464*1*4# and you can find all available daily internet bundles by Zong 4G.

❖  Zong Internet Packages For Postpaid Users

Zong has offered a number of Zong 4G data packages for its postpaid customers. Here is a complete list of all the available Zong Postpaid internet packages giving its users multiple choices to choose one.

Bundle Price Vaidy Details
Zdata 20 GB 1000 plus tax Till End of Billing Cycle 20GB
Zdata 10 GB 600 plus tax Till End of Billing Cycle 10GB
Zdata 3 GB 350 plus tax Till End of Billing Cycle 3GB
Youtube 25 Gb 800 plus tax Till End of Billing Cycle 25GB
Youtube 12 Gb 500 plus tax Till End of Billing Cycle 12GB

How to Activate Zong Internet Packages & Find Remaining Data MBs?

All internet packages of Zong can be activated through the *6464# code. Dial this code and select an option for the desired package to be activated.

Zong users can check their remaining data by dialing *102#. You can check individually the remaining SMS, call minutes, data, or overall summary through this code.

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Telenor signs a contract

The rates for calls and the internet services have been raised by the companies of cellular phone, yet again. The networks including Jazz, Zong, and Telenor have also been raised their packages prices for data and calls

Final Thoughts

Zong always gives priority to its users and considers its users are faster and more active. There was a time when Zong was providing services only in Urban areas but now Zong is focusing on providing services in far and small towns from urban areas. Zong aims to provide uninterrupted internet services all over Pakistan.

Apart from the best and fastest internet services, Zong always gives competitive prices to its subscribers for SMS, calls, and data. There are numerous social networking packages at a very low price. Go for more details on the official Zong website at https://www.zong.com.pk/

Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate Zong 4G?

Visit any Zong outlet to upgrade your 3G sim to a 4G data sim. Also, you will get free resources for the next 7 days.

How can I subscribe to any Zong internet package?

You can dial *6464# and choose any package you want to activate.

How can I check my remaining MBs?

You can check your remaining MBs by dialing *102#. You can also check your free minutes and SMS through this code

Is WhatsApp free on Zong?

Zong offers its users free WhatsApp. If you don’t have any package, you still have access to WhatsApp.

How can I get a Zong advance loan?

You can get a Zong loan by dialing *911# or sending a “Rescue” text on a 911 number. You’ll get a Zong load which will be deducted from your next load.


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