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Zong Advance Loan in 2023 – Zong Double Advance Loan Code

How irritating it is to listen, “You don’t have enough balance to make this call,” when you really need balance to make a call. Being mobile users, we often fall into such situations when we have to make an emergency call, but we don’t have enough balance.

There is a possibility that you don’t find any balance recharging shop near you. If you’re a Zong user, you don’t need to be worried as Zong will provide you with the advance balance to help you make an urgent call in such a situation.

Zong advance loan In 2023

Zong is providing instant loan services in the hour of need to its users. Zong aims to provide the best services to its users to meet customer hopes and maintain a good customer review.

You can get an instant loan from Zong for making a call and activating any SMS or internet bundle. Let’s share the method of how you can get a Zong advance loan.

How to get Zong Advance Loan

Out of balance? You don’t need to be worried. We have brought you the best method of getting a zong advance balance code. Follow the instructions to get the loan.

Zong provides its user Zong advance loan of up to Rs. 30. It was previously 25 Rupees, but Zong has increased the advance loan to 30 for the user’s convenience.

Overall, Zong provides two types of Advance loans.


Zong Advance Loan

Method 1

In this method, you can get a total of Rs.25 Zong advance loan.

❖    Service mechanism

  • For getting a Zong advance loan, dial *911#.
  • Or send a blank message to 911. You’ll receive a confirmation message
  • Once you’ve done this, you’ll get the advance balance of Rs. 25
  • Service charges of 5 will be deducted along with RS.25 of the advance loan at your next recharge
  • Postpaid customers are not eligible for Zong advance
  • Overall Rs. 28.5 will be deducted on the next

Zong Double Advance Loan

Method 2

In this method, you can get up to Rs 30 Zong Advance Loan in two steps:

❖    Service mechanism

  •  Dial *0# from your mobile to get Zong Advance Loan
  • Zong will send you an instant loan of Rs. 15 in your
  • Service charges of Rs. 3.5 will be deducted at your next recharge
  • For getting another 15 advance loan after getting first by dialing *0#, Dial *911#.
  • You’ll get another Rs. 15 as Zong Advance
  • You’ve taken Rs. 30 as a Zong Advance loan with this
  • You will pay back the advance loan amount of 30 and services charges at your next recharge.

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Terms & Conditions:

Advance Balance Tax (AIT) of 12.5 percent will be applied on every recharge. General Sales Tax (GST) of 19.5 percent will also be applied on usage.

NOTE: if you have any inquiries related to the Zong loan code or Zong loan method, kindly comment us and let us know about your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How much Zong Advance loan can I get?

You can get either Rs. 25 in one step or Rs. 30 in two phases.

What is the payback amount?

You’ve to pay the advance loan amount and service charges of Rs. 3.5 on each loan taken

Can Postpaid users also get Zong advance loans?

No, postpaid users are not eligible for this facility.

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