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Zong Monthly Digital Max Package 100GB – Subscription Code Details

Are you a Zong customer, or are you in search of a good monthly Zong package? In both cases, Zong is an ultimate savoir because Zong has released a new outstanding package named  Zong Monthly Digital Max Package for its users.

Zong is a leading Telecommunication company in Pakistan that offers a wide range of offers or packages for better customer ease. All of their offers are also cost-effective. From daily to weekly and to monthly, they have a wide variety of packages and continuously keep coming up with new ones.

Moreover, Zong also offers unlimited data services to its customers, including postpaid, prepaid, and hybrid plans. Zong company has made many efforts to build network infrastructure and offers 4G and 5G services to its customers in prominent cities of Pakistan.

Now Zong has introduced the Zong Monthly Digital Max package to facilitate their customers. This package has everything a user needs, like free minutes, sms, and an internet package. Let’s find out what are the details of the package.

Zong Monthly Digital Max Package Details

On-net minutes 10,000
Off-net minutes 1000
All-net SMS 10,000
GBs data 100
Validity 30 Days
Subscription code *7333#

Latest Zong Monthly Digital Max Package provides 10,000 SMS, 10,000 On-net minutes, 1000 Off-net minutes, and 100 GB data to its customers for only Rs 1,400. The package validity is up to 30 days, and all 3G and 4G users can use this package facility.

Zong Monthly Digital Max Package is a nonstop one-month facility for Zong users. Talk to your friends without the limit of time. Share your social media content or do an SMS to your closed one. Now, you can do this all with a single outstanding package for one complete month.

Zong Monthly Digital Max Data

Many Zong customers know very well that Zong Monthly Digital Max Package is the second package that has 100 GB of data. The price of 100 GB of data is very reasonable, and you can also get more facilities with data availability, which is the plus point of this package.

However, it is not a weekly package; instead, it is a monthly package so that you can enjoy all facilities all the month without any hindrance.

10,000 SMS & On-Net Minutes

You will get the facility of 10,000 SMS and On-network minutes for chatting and better call time.

Talk to your friends, company employees, or relatives from Zong to Zong and chit-chat with your buddies with this exceptional Zong Monthly Digital Max Package. It is one of the best overall monthly packages for all Zong users.

1000 Off-Net Minutes

Sometimes you have to call on other networks like Jazz, Telenor, Ufone, Warid, or some others. Zong monthly digital max package is your savior because you will get 1000 off-net minutes to call on other networks. There is no limitation on time, and you can use this package any time of the day or evening without any disturbance.

Offer Price & Requirements

Although this monthly package costs about Rs. 1,400, your personal mobile balance should be at least approximately 1,600. The reason is that GST, AIT, and FED taxes deducts from your load, so 1,600 is specifically needed to subscribe to the offer.

Terms and conditions you should follow to use Zong Package

  • To use Zong Monthly Digital Max Package, the customer should be a prepaid user.
  • The offer is available only for 30 days, and you cannot use it after the month ends.
  • This Zong package is only applied to 3G and 4G users.
  • No hidden charges for setting up the offer.
  • The package needs to have more than Rs 1,400 in your mobile balance.
  • You can get the offer through the Zong mobile app, Jazz Cash, Easypaisa, and from the shops and yourself by using a subscription code through sms or calling Zong customer service.
  • You can activate the offer multiple times to get more facilities, but the validity remains the same.

Take away

We conclude that Zong Monthly Digital Max Package is one of the most recommended choices for users because it is a cost-effective and data-rich mobile package. Zong offers reliable network performance, affordability, and sufficient data, making it the best and most suitable for customers.

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