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Latest Zong Call Packages 2023 – Hourly Daily Weekly updated

Zong is the fastest network in Pakistan which has surely increased its customers on a daily basis. However, with the help of Zong call packages, people can easily stay in touch with their loved ones from long distance without any interrupting. Also, there are Zong daily call packages by which you can easily manage to subscribe to your package just when you need it without any other extra charges.

Therefore, there is also Zong weekly call packages  which is far better than any other packages, this will allow you to stay tension free for a whole week. Just simply activate such packages and enjoy your weekends as well as weekdays without any hassle.

Though, let’s find out the call packages of Zong right down below:

Also check out Zong Internet packages here:

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Zong call packages daily:

These packages will stay valid for 1 complete day.

  • Zong 2 Hour Non Stop Offer

Perfect for 2 Hour Non Stop Offer, now stay up late night with this bundle offer and enjoy your communication.

Bundle ValidityDetailsActivationPrice
2 Hour Non Stop Offer2 hours1GB Internet 5000 Zong Mins *5555# and *3000#Rs. 9.43
  • Zong Daily Voice Offer

This package is suitable for you if you want an urgent call with the minimum amount of charge.

Daily Voice Offer 1 Day 20 Mins Zong To Zong*45#RS. 6
  • Zong Super Student Package

Another package for students which is convenient enough to give you 1 day of free calls.

  • Zong Sixer Plus Package

This one is also very good and giving you free SMS as well.

Zong Sixer Plus Offer6AM to 6PMUnlimited Zong Mins + 500 Sms*666#RS.9

Zong weekly Call Package

These packages will stay valid for a whole week means you can make free calls for total 7 days.

  • Zong All in One Bundle Offer

This is the perfect package Zong weekly Alo for you if you want to make calls, SMS, or even internet. Just activate this one and stay tension free.

Zong Weekly Alo7 Days4GB Internet 60 Off-net Mins 5000 Zong mins 5000 SMS *707# RS. 220
  • Zong weekly Hlo Offer

A perfect package bundle for you to enjoy the maximum time on making calls with your friends and family.

Zong weekly Hlo Offer7 Days12GB Internet Unlimited Zong mins 100 Off-net Mins Unlimited SMS*70#RS. 300

NOTE: If you have any inquiries related to these packages and want to know their subscription, then kindly comment us below.

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