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Latest Jazz Weekly Internet Package All bundles 2023

This is a complete list Jazz Weekly Internet Package in 2023. Internet usage has become ingrained in our daily lives. You use the internet to access social media sites, send and receive emails, talk with family and friends, download music, films, and games, among other things. Jazz is aware of your internet requirements and offers a range of internet bundles.

It operates approximately 8500 cell sites in Pakistan. It recently upgraded its new Network Operations Center with IBM and Dell EMC systems. As a result, the organization offers its valued customers 24-hour network surveillance in the form of bundles.

These bundles are classified as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Fortnightly. Jazz offers prepaid subscribers a variety of 3G and 4G internet bundles with varying durations and costs. Here, we will describe the jazz internet package weekly in detail. Let us get started!

Latest Jazz Weekly Internet Package

Jazz offers a selection of weekly internet bundles for customers who are constantly consuming large amounts of data. If you’re not up for daily data activation, there are numerous weekly internet bundles available. Purchase the weekly internet package jazz and enjoy an entire week of stress-free 3G/4G browsing.

If you’re a heavy data user, Jazz’s weekly internet packages are the exact right choice for you. Download your favorite songs and other media files because you have many MBs for a whole week for a meager price.

Additionally, they have no time constraints. 24-hours a day, seven days a week, you can surf, upload, and download. The bundle is compatible with handsets that support 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE.

As previously said, the Company is concerned about each client. As a result, Jazz began offering different weekly internet bundles. Users who enjoy traveling and typically spend a week away will want the most excellent internet service or bundle available throughout their journey.

  • Jazz Weekly Mega

Weekly Mega provides customers with 7 GB of internet for the entire week for just Rs. 220. Customers on a prepaid plan can activate this package by dialing jazz weekly internet package code *159# or accessing the Jazz World app.

Package Details Validity Check Status Subscription Price
Weekly Mega Offer 8 GB DATA (1GB WP) 7 Days *159*2# *159# Rs.220 + Tax

As with several daily offers, this package will not be automatically renewed upon expiration. The subscription code must be re-run or activated using the mobile app. Users can dial *159*2# on their mobile device to determine their remaining data and package validity.

  • Weekly internet Package Jazz Mega Plus

In the Jazz weekly mega plus package, subscribers receive 24 GB of internet and a free week’s membership to Jazz TV for Rs. 275. This bundle is designed for customers who wish to immerse themselves in the world of entertainment without worrying about their data use.

Package Details Validity Check Status Subscription Price
Weekly Mega Plus 15 GB + 10 GB DATA (2 AM – 2 PM) 7 Days *453*2# *453# Rs.275 + Tax

Prepaid customers must phone *453# or use the Jazz mobile app to activate this deal. Following activation of this plan, consumers must call *2299# to access their complimentary Jazz TV subscription.

  • Taxila Haftawar Data offer

The Taxila haftawar data offer provides inhabitants of Taxila with 5 GB of data for the week for just Rs. 123.5. This offer is available to residents of this city by dialing *596#.

Package Details Validity Recharge Required Subscription Price
Taxila Haftawar Offer 5 GB Data 7 Days Rs,135 *596# Rs.123+ Tax

Sargodha Weekly offer

Sargodha residents can get 2000 MB of internet, 2000 on-net minutes, and 2000 SMS for Rs.100 per week with the Sargodha weekly offer (including tax). Dial *627# to take advantage of this incredible offer.

Package Details Validity Check Status Subscription Price
sargodha weekly offer jazz 2000 MB ​ 2000 On-Net Mins 2000 SMS 7 Days *627*2# *627# Rs.100 + Tax
  • Weekly Super duper Bundle

The all-in-one bundles, such as the super-duper weekly bundle, include 3 GB of data, 1500 Jazz minutes, 60 other network minutes, and 1500 SMS for the week for just Rs. 210.

Package Details Validity Check Status Subscription Price
Jazz Weekly Super Duper 3 GB 1500 on-net Mins 60 Of-net Mins 1500 SMS 7 Days *770*2# *770# Rs.210 + Tax

Customers interested in this offer can activate it by dialing *770# or visiting the Jazz World app. It is a non-recursive bundle, and users must redial the subscription code to renew their subscription.

  • Jazz Weekly Premium offer

weekly premium internet offer jazz is an incredible deal for clients who wish to keep their data updated or connected on social media. Jazz customers may enroll in this offer by completing the following steps:

Package Details Validity Check Status Subscription Price
Weekly Premium Offer 4 GB Data 50 Of-net  Mins 7 Days *117*47*2# *117*47# Rs.169+ Tax
  • To subscribe to Jazz Weekly Premium Offer, dial *117*77#.
  • To subscribe to the Jazz Weekly Premium Offer, you will be charged at usual rates. In response to the SMS, the customer receives 3GB of data for seven days at the cost of Rs.147 inclusive of tax.


  • Jazz Weekly Sms Whatsapp Offer 

If you love messaging round the clock or you text only when required, whatever the case is Jazz has you covered and that too an affordable Price Opt for the package that best suits your need by dialing *101*1*07# now!

Package Details Validity Check Status Subscription Price
Jazz Weekly Sms Wp Offer 25 MB DATA 1500 SMS 7 Days *101*2*07# *101*1*07# Rs.20 + Tax
  • super sim offer jazz
A Super Sim offer for a super week! Dial *476# to subscribe to the Super New Sim Offer and get 6GB Data, 600 On-net mins & 600 SMS, and 30 Of-net mins in just Rs.50 + Tax
Package Details Validity Check Status Subscription Price
Super Sim Offer 6 GB 600 On-net Mins 30 Of-net Mins 600 SMS 7 Days *476*2# *476# Rs.50 + Tax

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Jazz, as one of Pakistan’s largest networks, understands its clients’ requirements. Jazz internet packages weekly include 2G, 3G, and 4G Internet for seven days. Jazz, with its insignia Dunya ko Bataa Do, is constantly cognizant of its clients’ expectations.

Jazz has unquestionably taken the assistance industry to the next level with its incredible weekly voice bundles available at reasonable costs.


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