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Latest HESCO Online Bill 2023 (Updated)

Hesco stands for Hyderabad electric supply company and it distributes power around the Sindh province. There are many consumers using the connections from hesco and hesco has provided service to check Hesco online bill. The consumers cannot only check their bill online but also can download the duplicate by providing the reference number of 14 digits.

HESCO Online Bill reference number

The company dispatches bill offline as well as online and consumer has to pay the bill within the given deadlines. The actual purpose of the company is to provide the bills to the consumers without waiting for the offline dispatched bill and without facing any hustle.

Things to know about Hesco Online bill and the company:

Check HESCO Online Bill 2022:

Checking your bill has been made easy by the hesco. You don’t have to visit any store, but you just require mobile or a laptop with access to the internet, you can download your digital copy, and print it out with the help of printer. If you don’t have a printer you can simply download the soft copy to the laptop or the mobile phone and can get a photocopy it from a photocopy store.

Hyderabad Electric Supply Company online bill detection complaint:

Hesco is very consumer-friendly that is why if you are facing any issue regarding to your bill or you are facing an issue in receiving the bill or the consumption units, you can always make your complaint. You can simply do it by visiting the official website of hesco and you will find an option named contact us. As soon as you click the option you will find to further additional options and from there you can select the department of complaints.

How to check the Hesco Bill?

The online process to further check the bill printing system is actually solving and help consumers of electricity in Pakistan.

However, in case when people failed to receive their previous monthly electricity bills, or maybe they lost their bills, there is good news for them, they can actually check their Hesco bill online with simple steps.

You can easily get your Hesco bill report from their official website or just doing the below mention procedure:

  • You need to enter your 14 digits numeric reference number without any space in the given box on the official website.
  • Then simply press the “Search” button, and your hesco bill report will be on your screen within minutes or even seconds.
  • Save the copy or just print it out with the help of a printer.

Hesco online bill

That’s how you can easily get your duplicate FESCO bill copy through an online system.

Area electricity board of Hyderabad is one of the 8 AEB’s by the Wapda act in 1981. Revamping of Wapda’s power sector was approved by the government in April 1998. There were 12 corporate entities created that include:

  • Distribution companies DISCOs
  • National transmission and distribution NTDC company
  • Three generation companies
Calculate Online Bill HESCO:

With the transformation of the world there are many things that you can do online and you not have to face any hassle. Now you can easily calculate your bill online or you can determine the method that is used for creating your bill.

HESCO Online Bill Date:

Sometimes we are not aware of the exact date of deadline or we are not able to pay the money on time. The company adds a penalty if the bill is not paid within the due date, that is why the easiest way is to verify the date of your bill online so that you do not have to face any penalty.

Checking Previous Hyderabad Electric Supply Bill:

The reference numbers are revised by hesco after few months. That is why it is important that you use the current or latest reference number to obtain the current bill. The company provides you all the consumed units, taxes and the due date for depositing the bill. The website is completely functional and you can also apply for the new connections.

The company keeps the previous record of the bills and they can be downloaded from the hesco online website. These bills can be paid through bank accounts.

The coverage areas:

Hesco responsibility is to provide electricity in the province of Sindh. They offer same priorities to urban as well as rural areas. After the formation of the company the inhabitants of the area are easily getting the coverage of electricity. The areas Hesco covers are:

  • Mirpurkhas
  • Hyderabad
  • Laar
  • Nawabshah

You can check the new bills online monthly. As soon as the reader records the reading on the meter, hesco prepares bills to be distributed online and physical. The max deadline the consumer gets is 5 to 7 days.

People living abroad:

Hesco has made it easier for the people living abroad to pay their bills online. The focus of the company is to provide ease to the consumer. By providing online services the goal of making the consumer king has been achieved by the company.


You can visit the website of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company and get all the services you require along with your bills. No matter you want new connections, latest bill, or the previous bills, the website provides you all.


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