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JazzCash loan Details – How to apply for a readycash loan

JazzCash recently announced the launch of ReadyCash, a new online loan service. If your JazzCash mobile account gets out of funds, you will borrow from this service. Additionally, ReadyCash provides JazzCash Mobile Account customers with an instant and convenient way to obtain small-denomination short-term instant loans.

Customers who use the provider’s products and services more frequently will have a greater chance of qualifying for the loan. With the help of Jazz cash loan, millions of JazzCash Mobile Account customers will now have access to an instant loan in less than a few seconds.

It provides them with a formal alternative to urgent loans that were previously only addressed through informal means. Below are the jazz-ready cash loan details on how to apply or repay it, as well as the perks and eligibility requirements!

Eligibility Criteria

You must have a jazz cash mobile account to avail of the JazzCash loan service. Account members can only borrow up to 5000 rupees. It means that if you wish to obtain a loan through JazzCash’s ready cash service, you must also unlock a more considerable sum through consistent loan acquisition and financial statement improvement.

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This service is only available to Jazz sim card customers. You can access the Ready cash service via the dialer option on your mobile phone. It is important to note that you can only obtain Readycash loans once you have confirmation from JazzCash Mobilink microfinance bank loan service suitable consumers. It means that to be eligible for a JazzCash ready cash service loan, you must maintain your financial statements following their rules and eligibility criteria set out by JazzCash.

Advantages of Jazz Cash loan

  1. Users will not need to provide extensive documentation to obtain a loan with ready cash.
  2. Customers will be able to access this service with just a few touches on their gadgets/smartphones.
  3. ReadyCash is a quick and convenient way for JazzCash Mobile Account clients to obtain small-dollar fast loans.
  4. ReadyCash will credit the loan directly to your Mobile Account, allowing you to use the funds immediately to meet your short-term borrowing requirement.

Advantages of Jazz Cash loan

How to apply for a Jazz Cash loan?

It’s relatively easy to apply for a jazz cash loan. If you’re unfamiliar with the procedure, the following guidelines will assist you:

  • Dial Jazzcash loan code 2022, which is*786#.
  • Choose option 6 for My Account.
  • Choose 8 for ReadyCash.
  • Then select 1 for ReadyCash Application.
  • Select the desired amount of ReadyCash
  • Enter your MPIN to indicate your agreement to the terms

How to repay the Jazz Cash loan?

The steps below outline how to repay a Jazz Cash loan.

  • From your Jazz phone, dial *786#. (with registered mobile wallet).
  • Choose “Loan Repayments” and the entity responsible for the payment.
  • To determine the amount owed, enter your Borrower ID.
  • Input the payment amount
  • A confirmation SMS will be delivered upon a successful transaction.

Terms and Conditions

If you want to get benefit from this ReadyCash Service, you need to meet the following terms and conditions

  1. The users should have a direct contractual relationship with Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited. One can develop this relationship as a customer or borrower. Moreover, you would be bound by all the terms and conditions of the bank if you want to use these services.
  2. You will have to pay the ReadyCash loan, including all applicable fees, on the due date and time.

What if you fail to pay the Jazz Cash loan?

When a customer fails to make all of their required payments within 90 days of the due date, it will be submitted to the State Bank of Pakistan’s Credit Bureau service and retained there in the system for one year.

Any financial assistance granted by the Bank to the client in a write-off will be notified, and the customer wouldn’t be able to use the jazz cash service in the future.


JazzCash is Pakistan’s most popular mobile finance provider. JazzCash has launched the ReadyCash loan facility to increase financial transactions via mobile. The purpose of this facility is to make life easier for consumers by giving modest, short-term loans. Access to the loan is available via the mobile account menu.

The loan is provided to the customers in seconds without the need for any connections or documentation.

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