Latest Jazz PUBG Package With Codes (Updated 2023)

If you are a Jazz user and a PUBG gamer, too, get ready for some exciting and outstanding PUBG packages by Jazz. Jazz is a leading internet services provider in Pakistan that surprises its users with extraordinary packages. Their ultimate goal is to provide fast and reliable internet for customers according to their daily, weekly, and monthly needs. Therefore, Jazz launched an exclusive offer for PUBG users named the Jazz PUBG package. Let’s find out what this package offers to customers in the post.

Latest Jazz PUBG Package

Jazz 4G is the fastest internet service across Pakistan. With its increasing demand among youngsters, they have introduced many that meet the needs of fast internet users. As a leading internet provider, Jazz is also aware of games’ needs; therefore, they introduced one of the best packages for PUBG players named Jazz PUBG package. Jazz packages come with different validity and price ranges, providing players with variant options according to their requirements.

Jazz Daily PUBG Offers:

Jazz offers various daily packages for a better gaming experience according to the needs of the players. All these packages are of different validity and price. Here we give the list of Jazz daily PUBG packages.

Hourly PUBG Package

The Jazz hourly gaming package is one of the most affordable packages that offers 1000 MBs for 10 Rs only. Players who want to enjoy the game for one hour can use this offer without any interruption.

Offer Name Hourly PUBG
Price Rs.10
MBs 1000
Validity One-hour
Status Code *6382#
Sub-Code *638#

Extreme PUBG

This outstanding Jazz offers 2 GB data for 12 hours, just Rs. 18. Players can get more time to play without any hindrance and with fast-speed internet.

Package Name Extreme PUBG
Price Rs.18
GBs (MBS) 2 GB (2000 MBS)
Validity 12 AM-12 PM
Subscription-Code *757#
Check Status Code  *757*2#


Maga PUBG offers 1000 MBs for 24 hours in just only 35 Rs. It is a brilliant offer for players who want to enjoy the game for 24 hours.

Package Name Mega PUBG
Price Rs. 35
GBs (MBS) 1GB (1000 MBS)
Validity 24-hours
Subscription-Code *1174#
Check Status Code *1174*2#

Weekly PUBG Bundles

Jazz 4G also offers weekly PUBG packages for PUBG players with different MBs, validity, and prices. Here is a complete list of Jazz’s weekly PUBG packages:

Premium MBs

The Premium Mbs package offers 4GB of data and 50 all-network minutes (off-net minutes) for 7 days for just Rs. 212. It’s a super duper offer for the best gaming experience with a fast internet speed.

Package Name Premium MBs
Price Rs. 212
GBs (MBS) 4GB (4000 MBS)
Validity 7 days
Subscription-Code *11747#
Check Status Code *11747*2#

jazz Pubg Package Monthly Code

3 monthly PUBG bundles offer different Mbs with different rates. These offers are valid for both 3G and 4G users. Get the offer details below.

Gaming Phone 2023

2GB Monthly Offer:

It is a PUBG browser data offer that provides 2GB data for users with 30 days validity. With an affordable price, this offer is an excellent choice for gaming users.

Package Name PUBG Browser Data offer
Price 2000
GBs (MBS) 30 Days
Validity Rs 126
Subscription-Code *709#
Check Status Code *709*2#

12GB Monthly Package:

It is a 12GB monthly offer that comes with an exclusive offer of 6GB extra data usage from 2 AM to 2 PM daily for 30 days.

Package Name Mega Plus
Price Rs 458
GBs (MBS) 12GB (12000 MBS)
Special MBs 6GB
Hours 2 AM-2 PM
Validity 30 Days
Subscription-Code *117*30#
Check Status Code *117*30*2#

22GB Monthly Offer

Jazz 22Gb Monthyly offer is a mega offer for gamers who need high-quality fast internet speed for the whole month because they are constant players and participate in PUBG tournaments. Therefore, Jazz provides a non-stop offer with 12 Gb special Mbs from 2 AM to 2 PM. Prices are affordable, with a better gaming experience.

Package Name Supreme MBs
Price Rs 699
GBs (MBS) 24GB
Special MBs 12GB
Hours 2 AM-2 PM
Validity 30 Days
Subscription-Code *117*32#
Check Status Code *117*32*2#

How To Subscribe to Jazz PUBG Offer?

If you want to subscribe to the Jazz PUBG offer, follow the following procedure to do it easily.

  • Dial the code *670# and wait for the offer confirmation message. Once you receive a message, you are ready to use the offer.
  • You can also use the Jazz app to subscribe to the offer. Open the app and look for the Jazz PUBG package. Choose the one of your choice and click on subscribe. After a few minutes, you are ready for the best gaming experience.
  • The third option is to visit your nearest shop with a Jazz offers subscription facility, give them your Jazz number, and tell them about the package.
  • Jazz Cash or Easypaisa app also gives this facility, open Jazz Cash and click on mobile packages, select service providers and get the package you choose.

Terms & Conditions

There are different terms and conditions that we have to follow to use this outstanding package, and these conditions are as follows:

  1. This package includes some extra charges that you have to pay in terms of GST.
  2. This particular offer is only valid for Jazz/Warid prepaid customers.
  3. After the subscription, the offer’s validity only restricts to the days mentioned in the offer. You cannot use this offer after limited-time expiration.
  4. After the package ends, customers have to resubscribe the offer by dialing *670#.
  5. You can only use on-net minutes on Jazz/ Mobilink and Warid numbers.
  6. Offer is available only for 2G/3G/4G users.
  7. There is no limitation on the subscription of multiple offers. One can subscribe to two offers at the same time.
  8. Check the status of the Jazz PUBG offer by dialing *670*2#.
  9. One condition is that package price is different in different locations.
  10. After the package ends, the rates will double, such as 2 Rs for extra consumed Mb, and its bandwidth speed will be 512KBPs.

Why choose PUBG Package by Jazz?

Those who are ardent fans of PUBG need a fast and reliable internet connection, Jazz knows their needs, and in Pakistan, Jazz 4G is one of the fastest networks that is becoming the perfect choice for PUBG players so that they improve their gaming experience. PUBG players can enjoy gaming with this outstanding offer that provides high-speed internet at an affordable price. We give you several reasons to choose Jazz Internet connection as your PUBG game partner, and these reasons are as follows:

  • If, as a PUBG player, you are looking for a package with a low price and short time, then the daily PUBG package is a great choice. You can choose the weekly PUBG bundles from the above-discussed bundles to enjoy the fastest gaming experience. It may be an hourly package that provides 1000 MBs for 1 hour for only 10 Rs.
  • If you want an extended package, you can go for Jazz’s monthly offers to get enough time and fast speed for playing the game. Jazz monthly package is used without worrying about running out of data.
  • Another reason to use the Jazz package is its fast internet speed 24/7. Due to its fast speed, the PUBG players of Pakistan are considered among the best players in the world’s PUBG player rankings. So, the game package is highly recommended for a better and fast gaming experience.


Dial *670*2# to check the status of the remaining MBs.
If you want to unsubscribe from this game offer, dial *670*4#. You will get your data after you receive a confirmation message.
You must follow the same activation procedure to renew the Jazz weekly PUBG offer. Dial *670# to get the offer again.
You will need a maximum of 70 Rs to get this offer.


For PUBG mobile players, the Jazz PUBG package is one of the most recommended and best offers for a better and fast gaming experience. With this package, players can enjoy high-speed internet while gaming in an affordable way, so switch to Jazz 4G today to improve your gaming experience.

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