Best Ways To Take Screenshot in Laptop and PC Complete guide

How to take screenshot On laptop So, if you are the one who is suffering from the screenshot moments on their laptops, then here we will tell you the easiest ways by which you can easily take a screenshot on the laptop without any worries or difficulties.

Taking a screenshot on the laptop has come with a variety of different techniques, there are many different apps available online which helps you to take an entire screenshot with one click.

However, there are some other short-keys techniques as well which also help you to click the entire screenshot of your laptop screens while connecting two or more keys through your keyboard.

Thus, here we will show you the possible ways to take screenshot on laptop so that, next time, you can able to further get the important screenshot of your laptop’s screens without even lost to any data or information.

So, here is the following step by step guide which helps you to take a screenshot and save it automatically to your device in a laptop:

  • First, press the two keys altogether (windows key and PrtSc key).
  • Now, you will see a save box or folder appear on your screen to allow you to further save your screenshot. Simply type the needed file name you want for the image and select the folder where you actually want to save it. Then just press ‘Save’.
 how to Take Screenshot On Laptop
How to Take Screenshot On Laptop

However, so these are the only two and simple steps for you which allow you to Screenshot in Laptop within just several seconds.

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How To Take Screenshot On Laptop PC?

Furthermore, you can take screenshot on laptop computer without any effort or critical steps, just following our below steps and get your own screenshot of your laptop or PC.

With these steps, you can able to take screenshot on laptop PC without saving them, it is just like a copy-paste step for those people who don’t want to save their screenshots on the device but only wanted to copy-paste the shot for their documents or other work.

  • If you are in a need to just capture your entire screen and wanted to paste it on your document file or other things, then go with this simple one step.
  • What you have to do is simply press the PrtScbutton on your keyboard, this will only copy the shot and then you can easily paste it on your needed area.

See, how simple is this to take screenshot on laptop PC without even saving it into your device. However, if you want to save the shot either, then follow up the above two steps which are (pressing windows key and Prtsc key together).

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Screenshot On Laptop Windows 10/11;

We know how important it is to take a screenshot of your device. We can easily capture our smartphone’s screenshot while just pressing buttons and that’s it.

However, many of us also want to get this simple method of screenshot in our laptops as well so that we can easily be able to further capture the screenshot on laptop windows 10/11

So, that’s why we are here to give you some simple steps down below:

  • Now, simply click on the screen you want to capture a screenshot of.
  • Then, just press Alt + PrnScn altogether, now your screen has been copied successfully, and you can able to paste it to anywhere you want.

Thus, in the above process, you can only copy and paste the screenshot without saving it. Although, if you want to save the screenshot in your device simply follow up the rules (windows keys + PrtSc)…


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