How to Register Mobile with PTA 2023 -A Complete Process

PTA is the full form of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority which merely has directed to the users of the mobile phone to register their cell phone devices with the authorization further.

In a recent text message which is sent to all the mobile phone users In Pakistan, all mobile devices must be registered with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in order to be used legally in the country. If a mobile device is not registered with PTA, it is considered non-compliant and may be blocked from accessing mobile networks in Pakistan

How to Register Mobile with PTA 2023

If your mobile device is not registered with PTA, you should register it as soon as possible to avoid any potential issues. To register your mobile device with PTA, you will need to provide some basic information about the device, including its IMEI number. You can register your device through the PTA website or by visiting a PTA authorized dealer.

If you continue to use a mobile device that is not registered with PTA, you may experience issues such as intermittent connectivity, network disruptions, or complete blocking of network services. In addition, using a non-compliant device may also result in legal action by the authorities. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your mobile device is registered with PTA to avoid any inconvenience or legal issues

How to find IMEI number?

You can find your IMEI number on your mobile phone’s box back side. Or if your phone has a removable battery then just remove the battery, and you can see the IMEI number of your device. If you don’t find out the IMEI number either both the above options, then dial *#06# to your dial pad and you can see your IMEI number instantly.

How to register IMEI number?

To register your cell phone devices, users should have to send their IMEI number through SMS to 8484. Users will have three options to register their IMEI number accordingly.

  • Via website of PTA

Check status of the device via web

  • Via mobile app which is developed by PTA for DIRBS system

Download the DIRBS Android App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This app will allow you to check the status of your device and register it with PTA.

  • or Via SMS to 8484.

Check whether your mobile device is compliant or non-compliant. To check the status of your device, send an SMS containing the 15-digit IMEI number of your mobile device to 8484. If your Non-compliant devices you will receive a response message containing instructions on how to register your device.

What kind of reply can you get through PTA?

In reply, PTA will give an answer validating whether your phone is compliant or not. You will get these kinds of reply via PTA response;

  1. IMEI is compliant
  2. IMEI is valid. Enter SIM and make a call/SMS to anyone on or before 20/10/18 date for auto listing.
  3. Device IMEI is non-compliant. Please enter all your SIMs in this device and use them before 20/10/18 date to proceed using this device.
  4. Device IMEI is blocked. Reported stolen

According to the government of Pakistan, “This registration process has been activated to crack down those phones which are coming to Pakistan through smuggling or stolen activities.”

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