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How to Check jazz Mbs in 2023 – jazz mbs check code

The package internet 4G users really know the Hustle of checking the remaining mb’s. If you are a jazz prepaid or postpaid user and want to check jazz remaining mb’s then this article is going to give you the easiest methods.

How to check jazz mbs?

There are two types of consumers of the jazz company postpaid and prepaid. Here we are going to mention the method for both.

  1. Remaining mb’s checking for postpaid customers

If you are a jazz gold customer then the easiest way to check your remaining MBs is

  • Open dialler
  • Type the jazz mbs check code *2222# and click call
  • In no time you will get an SMS about your complete package with remaining MBS
  1. MB checking for prepaid customer

There are three methods to check the remaining jazz MBs

Method 1:

You need to add *2# to the subscription code of the package you have subscribed.


You have subscribed to jazz monthly package with subscription code *117*77#, so for checking the remaining mbs you will dial *117*77*2#. In this way you can easily check your remaining mbs.

Method 2:

You can check the remaining mbs by calling the customer helpline of jazz 111.

  • Call the jazz customer care services
  • Follow the customer care officer instructions
  • Provide the details asked
  • The customer care officer will give you complete information about the remaining MBs

Method 3:

You can check the remaining jazz balance by using the USSD code. All you need is to dial *111# from your mobile and pay in amount of 0.25 rupees per SMS. All the details shall come on your mobile screen.

These are the methods for postpaid and prepaid customers of jazz to check their remaining internet MB and the most important point is that the methods for prepaid and postpaid customers are different.

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