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4 : Easy Ways to Check Ufone Number – Ufone Number Check code

Once upon a time we all use to memorize the phone numbers of the people we love and our surrounding. But with the passage of time as soon as the mobile took the lead in our lives we stopped memorizing the numbers and started saving them in our phones. So now most of the time we don’t remember numbers of the people around us or sometimes we also forget our own phone number. So for the ufone users, there are four easy methods to check ufone number.

Ufone is one of the top mobile companies in Pakistan. Many people are ufone users and on and off they forget the numbers. That is why ufone with the help of different methods such as ufone number check code is helping the users to memorize the number or recall the number with the help of mobile.

How to check Ufone number :

Here we are providing 4 easiest methods to check ufone number. You can try any of the methods and you will get your number by the service providers in no time.

  1. Ufone Number Check Code method:

It is a very easy method to check the number. A very simple process is mentioned below:

Ufone Number Check Code
Ufone Number Check Code
  • Turn on the phone dialler of the phone
  • Type *780*3# and call
  • As soon as you will send the code your number will appear on your screen

Ufone number check code

  1. Easy SMS method:

It is also a very easy method but it is not a free method. You get your number through a message but this sms costs. Here is the procedure of check Ufone number via SMS

check Ufone number via SMS
Find Ufone number via SMS
  • Compose the new message
  • Write MNP and send it to 667
  • In no time you will not only get your ufone number but also the number activation date and the name of the owner
  1. Dialler method:

It is one of the easiest methods. All it takes your phone to get you to know your number.

  • Open the dialler of your phone
  • Type *1#
  • Your number will appear on the screen in no time
  1. Customer care centre method:

If you are underwear of the above three methods you can always try the customer care 333. Always make sure that you remember your customer care because it helps you in many different ways. The method is very simple:

  • Call 333
  • Follow the instructions given by the customer care centre
  • Provide the details that are asked
  • And the customer care centre will provide you all the details such as mobile number, sim owner, and activation date

Above are the easiest 4 methods that can help you in how to check your Ufone number. You can always get help from these methods


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